does one direction still have to wear weird costumes for different “scenes” of their show?

Larryispreciousandstuff has a thigh gap.  Where’s her fanbase?

To the anon asking about the love bite from Chicago around June 2nd, this is them arriving in Mexico around June 5th or 6th. Up until the time Eleanor left, no love bites were visible in pics of Louis.






And then theres Harry’s face. 

I just cant… 

Please let it have been Harry’s doing.

Of course it’s from Harry

That showed up the day after the night that the other boys went to one movie, and Louis and Harry went to see Snow White and the Huntsman, IIRC.

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I saw this old picture of Louis 


I remembered the picture that Harry posted a few days ago before Lou’ match

Look at the window and that thing under it, they are the same in both pictures